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Marlow Women's Fellowship of Christian Service


The first records of this Society go back to 1879. The Society was then called the "Lady’s Society". Dues were received at that time from Mrs. Burnap, Mrs. Fisk and Mrs. Sayles. There may have been more members but their names are not available.

In 1893 the records would indicate that the "Ladies Society" and the "Dorcas Society" merged. In 1905 the name of the Society was changed to the "Ladies Aid Society". This was recorded at a meeting held on April 5, 1905.

Methods of making money in the early 1900's were very much as they are today. The treasurers reports show proceeds from Sugar Parties, Sociables, Suppers, Lawn Parties and Ice Cream Sales. Ice Cream sales were held every week during the summers of 1905 to 1910 and the proceeds usually were from $7.00 to $10.00 on each sale.

The first Saving Account was opened in the Cheshire County Savings Bank on February 1st, 1906. This was under the name of the "Ladies Aid Society" and the first deposit was $50.00. In October 1946 the savings had grown to $456.42 and the book shows only one withdrawal in the forty years.

In 1910 New Hymnals were bought for the church.

In 1912 New Floors were laid in the Parsonage.

On March 16, 1915 the Society became a Voluntary Corporation and filed an Article of Agreement with the Secretary of State.

August 20, 1916 the Chapel where the meetings were held burned. The Treasurers Reports indicate a great deal of work on the part of the members and a very generous community spirit among the townspeople following the fire.

Mr. Elgin A. Jones deeded to the Society a building known as Jones Store (built by his father in 1859). This building was moved to the site of the first Chapel at considerable expense to the members. Contribution in the amount of $195.35 were received to restore the Chapel. Mr. Jones gave $10.00 to paint the inside.

A campaign was then started to put electricity into this new building. Electricity was not available to Marlow so Mr. Walter Watson of the Watson-Williams Co. in Marlow set up his own power plant. He furnished electricity from 1917 to 1939. The first payment to the Public Service Co. of NH was made in 1939.

October 2, 1940 the name of the Society was changed to "Women's Society of Christian Service". The membership then was 30.

In 1947 money was raised to install an Estey Electric Organ in the church.

In 1951 it was voted to raise enough money to put a new carpet in the Church. The members concentrated on this project for two years. Estimated cost of the rug was $800.00 in 1953.

The Chapel, as it is known today, is identified by an old black and white sign reading "Methodist Chapel."  Under the umbrella of the Methodist Church the building is operated and maintained by the Women's Fellowship of Christian Service and is available for community use.

The Marlow Historical Society has rented the upstairs for some time, and PC Connection Inc. had rented space during the late 1980's for it's weekly sales meetings until space became available in the Christmas Trees Inn.

The first floor is used, not only by the WFCS, but also at present by the Cub Scouts, Marlow Youth Group, and Art Colony.

The WFCS mission is to support the endeavors of the church and live our Christian faith by serving those in need, within the community and beyond, through prayer, time commitment, and financial support.  Funds are raised through fairs, food events, and donations.


Sharon Davis
Barbara White
Lucille Gorges


The Women's' Fellowship of Christian Service meets every second Wednesday at the Chapel at 4:00 pm, and we welcome those wishing to join us.


Town of Marlow, 167 NH Route 123, Marlow, NH 03456-0184
Phone: (603) 446-2245
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